The SOARHIGH Program

How it works ...


The SOARHIGH program is designed to help youth, young adults and individuals of any age, identify and overcome obstacles, develop a success mentality and reach their full potential. 

The process includes eight steps leading individuals through a process of gaining self-awareness and self-knowledge by fostering the individuals' knowledge of strengths, talents and gifts as well as weaknesses and potential impediments to success, especially in the emotional and mental arena.  The process gives them footsteps to regulate their emotions in a healthy way, to overcome and stay resilient to setbacks.  It also integrates methods of reflection, quietness and mindfulness, which gives them a break from the over-stimulation especially youth are exposed to on a daily basis and which is proven to enhance learning and emotional capacities in individuals. 

The steps build on each other and lead the participants to fortify areas of weakness and further develop and build their strengths and gifts and create a corresponding mindset. It teaches them essential life skills and helps them create a vision for the future and gives them guidance on how to walk their respective paths successfully, building them up in their identity, self-efficacy, resilience, emotional intelligence and confidence. 

The steps are as follows:

S – Search your heart for your dream and set your goals

This is  about helping the kids/individuals search deep in their heart for dreams they carry in  them and where they set goals for the program and beyond. 


O – Outwit and overcome your emotions

This is where the youth/individuals begin to observe themselves and grow in self-awareness. They begin  to get to know who they are and how they are reacting to various  circumstances in their life emotionally. 


A – Acknowledge obstacles standing in your way

The youth/individuals experience that acknowledging vulnerabilities increases their resiliency and strength and that facing issues, doubts and fears is both   freeing and empowering. 


R –   Resolve to go to the root of your fears and anxiety, insecurities and other challenges holding you back 

At this  point the youth/individuals learn to identify and deal with the cause of any of their fears, insecurities and/or other emotional or character issues that are holding them back,   overcome and step into break through.


H – Hone in on distractions

This  step is where the youth/individuals identify distractions on their path and ways to   avoid/overcome them while setting the right boundaries for the future. 


I – Identify your gift(s) and your purpose

The youth/individuals begin to see what their gift(s) are and realize that seeing beyond   themselves and giving to others a great tool to propel them forward and increase significance and motivation from within themselves. 


G – Go forward in excellence

This is the step where the youth/individuals learn to distinguish between riding on talent vs. reaching their full potential looks like. They identify character skills and habits  necessary to succeed.


H – Hold on to your dream and enjoy the journey 

Coming  full circle, the youth/individuals realize that being persistent and focused on their goals through the ups and downs of the journey and becoming resilient to   setbacks is key; and to remember always to have fun along the way. 

Want to find out more and see how the coaching program could help your school, club, organization or company?  We provide training and professional development opportunities as well as ways to bring the SOARHIGH experience to your team and help you be more successful at what you do. Call us at 703-789-7487 for more information.