The SOARHIGH Program

How it works ...


The SOARHIGH program is designed to lead individuals and specifically youth and young adults into their identity in Christ so they can and will fulfill the call of God on their life. This includes helping them identify and build on their strengths and gifts, identify and overcome challenges, obstacles and potential distractions, find healing from the past and gain vision for the future.  

The process includes eight steps that build on each other and give participants the basic principles to create a lifestyle that leads them to God's purpose and destiny, healing, restoration, and fullness in Christ. 

The steps are as follows:


S – Search their heart to find the dream(s) God has put inside of them, and set their goals – finding/renewing their passion for the dreams they carry in them, spiritually and for the other areas of life, breaking out of boxes and gaining vision for their future.  

O – Outwit their emotions – observing where they are currently at in their faith, as well as emotionally and mentally and getting to know themselves in a new way to build their identity.

A – Acknowledge the obstacles on their journey – openly facing issues, doubts, fears and other barriers to their relationship with God and stepping into God’s design for their lives and be empowered through it.

R – Resolve to go to the root of their worries, anxieties or other mental or emotional barriers and challenges – inviting God into dealing with the cause of fears, insecurities and other issues that are holding them back and learning about steps to help in that process and see breakthrough and healing.  

H – Hone in on distractions  – identifying distractions and overcoming them with God’s help while setting the right boundaries for the future.  

I – Identify their gifts and their purpose – seeking to pursue their purpose from early on and realize how seeing beyond themselves and serve others will propel them and the Kingdom forward.

G – Gear up for excellence – gaining understanding of worldly success vs. Godly success and what surrender to Christ may look like in Middle or High School; learning about character skills and habits, the fruits of the spirit, necessary to stand out with excellence and draw favor to themselves.

H – Hold on to their God-given dream(s) and enjoy the journey – learning to be persistent through the ups and downs of the journey to become resilient to any setbacks and trials, overcome and not give up; keeping joy along the way.  

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